About us

Gevers Landscape Architecture Ltd. (GLA Ltd) is a professional landscape architectural design firm, offering an individual approach to landscape development. We approach our designs to be innovative, aiming to have an artistic quality, be visually stimulating, while imposing a sense of harmony and wellbeing to the environment and user. We are often confronted to offer solutions with limited financial means available or in adverse climatic conditions.

We work internationally although the main focus has lately been in the Middle East where our work is well recognised. We have developed a passion for enhancing public opens spaces, but also gladly develop small-scale private gardens.

According to requirements, we work together with other experts in specialist fields as town planners, architects, graphic designers or illumination specialists. The team has been working together for several years and we communicate with a similar understanding and design language.

Under the Projects tab, we have compiled a range of projects designed by us. We have endeavoured to include a wide rage of examples from small-scale private gardens to large-scale urban or environmental projects. Although many projects are related to road or urban enhancement, this was rather a coincidental development than our main intended interest or focus. Larger opens spaces give much more flexibility in design than the constricted areas available in roadside developments. Regardless of the requirements, we are certain to deliver fascinating solutions and trust you will be inspired by the work we present here.